Papa’s Menu

w/ Asian slaw, Swiss cheese, & Papa’s own Russian dressing

Papa covers the brisket with his sweet and spicy rub, then smokes it over local applewood and serves it on a toasted ciabatta roll, layered with Swiss cheese, Papa’s Asian slaw, and his own zesty Russian dressing.

Papa’s Brisket, Swiss & Russian on a bed of Asian slaw

It’s the Brisket Sammich without the bun. A nice heap of Papa’s Asian smoked brisket, Swiss cheese & Papa’s Russian dressing on top of a bed of Papa’s Asian slaw.

w/ cream cheese, capers and red onions

Papa marinates salmon fillets in molasses, fresh garlic and spices, then smokes it until the salmon is fully cooked but is still incredibly moist. The sammich is served on a toasted ciabatta roll with a thin schmear of cream cheese, along with a caper puree and red onions.

w/ roasted pecans, sweet red pepper, & grated asiago cheese

Papa smokes whole chickens, chops them up, and puts both the white and dark meat into his unique smoked pesto chicken salad. People say it’s the most amazing chicken salad they have ever come across.

w/ pickled onion, 2 deviled eggs, side salad

Papa smokes whole chick peas before making his own vegan hummus with olive oil, lemon, fresh garlic and just enough spices. Served with Papa’s own pickled onions on the side, two smoked deviled eggs and your choice of side salad round out this smokey vegetarian delight.

w/ local honey & golden raisins

This is the only entry on the kids’s menu, but many a grown fella has enjoyed a toasted PB&H.

Yep, you read that right. After hard boiling, Papa halves the eggs and smokes the whites, making them firmer and chewier, not to mention delightfully smokey. Papa’s filling includes his own mustard with wasabi and horseradish powder to make these babies a little zippy.

Papa’s potato salad has hard boiled eggs, celery, onion, capers, and Papa’s own mustard, with just enough mayo to bind it all together.

A tangy slaw made from thinly sliced green cabbage, grated carrots and onions and seasoned with cider vinegar, sesame oil and Asian five spice powder, with sweet bursts of golden raisins.