Papa is booking events for 2022

1 Our food truck delivers delicious & toasty sammiches, salads, sides, smoked deviled eggs and the rest of Papa’s entire menu to your big event, from corporate retreat to family reunion and anything in-between. Check out Papa’s complete menu here.

Papas Best Batch Food Truck with a buffet of sliders

For only $24 per person, Papa can bring our truck to you and serve either style:

  • We’ll serve sliders and sides to order from the truck for parties of 100 to 150 people
  • For larger parties we’ll serve slider-sized versions of all our sammiches buffet style, 100 to 500 people.
  • If you need drinks, Papa can bring unlimited cold non-alcoholic beverages can be added for $2 person.
  • How about dessert? Papa can also serve his both his Butterscotch Coconut & Chocolate Chipotle Magic Bars for $2 per person.

How much could all this possibly cost? Only $24-$28 (+ local sales tax) per person either serving style. Call Papa himself at 914-388-5202 to get the ball rolling!

2 Don’t worry if BBQ on a Roll is already booked the day of your event. We can still come to you and serve a buffet of sliders to serve any number of folks. We can serve indoors or outdoors!

This is the same price: only $24-28 (+ local sales tax) per person either serving style.

3 We are also happy to prepare preplanned meals for any number of people that can be picked up at our trailer at Greig Farm.

  • We can make all the sammiches for you along with plenty of Papa’s potato salad, Kale Salad, Asian slaw & smoked deviled eggs.
  • Or we provide you with all the fixings so your guests can make their own sliders to taste.

Party pickups tend to cost $18-$22 per person. Check out our party platter page to see some sample platters. Then call Papa at 914-388-5202 and he work with you to get the exact set up you need to please your crowd.