Thank You all for an amazing 8 years.

Papa’s is now closed but we are planning to reopen at a new location later this summer. Please follow us on Instagram or Facebook for updates!



1. Like a sandwich, but much tastier

The Book Of Papa

Enjoy smoked brisket, smoked salmon filets, vegan smoked hummus, smoked deviled eggs and more under the willow trees at The Greig Farm.

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Comfort food with a gourmet twist and beautiful views is making Papa’s a popular destination for both locals and visitors to the Hudson Valley.

Yelpers Love Papa’s Best Batch: Yelp reviewers rank Papa’s as the best BBQ restaurant in Dutchess County, and the 4th best in all Upstate New York! This survey ranks Papa’s not just among BBQ trucks but against every BBQ restaurant in all of upstate New York!!

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