Papa’s Best Batch

BBQ Joint

Papa’s Best Airstream BBQ Joint is now open for the season!!!!

New days and hours:
Noon-8:00 pm

Yes! This means Papa is open for dinner and will be rolling out more dinner items this summer.

Food Truck

Papas Best Batch Food Truck with a buffet of sliders

This year Papa’s food truck “BBQ on a Roll” is going to be the resident food truck at OPUS 40
every Fri-Sun!

Even without the truck, Papa can still cater your party!

Papa’s Snacks

To buy Smoked Pistachios and Almonds and Beef Jerky visit our online store.

Coming soon!

Papa’s New Product News

Papa has launched a new beef jerky flavor:

Dill Pickle Beef Jerky!

Bursting with robust beef and pickle flavors, Papa’s unique blend of pickle spices are infused into top round cuts of beef adding up to a delicious and all-natural, preservative-free snack.

Papa’s Best Smoked Pistachios & Almonds and Beef Jerky are sold in over 230 stores throughout the Hudson Valley and western New England. Stop by any of these shops and markets to bring Papa’s robust, unique flavors home.

The Greig Farm

Papa’s Smokehouse and Sammich Joint will reopen on April 17, 2021, and in the meantime there is a lot to do at The Greig Farm:

  • Visit and feed the goats in their pen and koi in Grandiflora Nursery’s pond
  • Pick asparagus, strawberries, blueberries, pumpkins or apples in their season
  • See some amazing handcrafted goods at the SoHu Artisan Market
  • Walk along marked paths with spectacular farm and Catskills Mountain views
  • Compliment your meal with a hard cider from Abandoned Cider’s cider bar
  • Shop at Grandiflora Nursery and The O Zone Sustainable Living Boutique & Learning Center

If you have any questions or just like our products, please reach out to us on Facebook or Instagram @papasbestbatch.